Ork Nobz and Stormboyz Conversions

So the Waaaaagh grows. In my quest to find more variety for da boyz, I have enlisted the bodies from the Stormboyz kit. My hope was that once they were cut free from their scenic base elements that they could be adjusted to have running poses. It mostly worked I think. I’ll probably have to do some work on a couple of them that just kinda look like they are on tiptoes. The rough, early workups though are below.

Space Ork Boyz with shootas converted from Storm Boyz

running space ork

Then I wanted to have some Nobz with shootas. This probably isn’t the best use of a Nob, but I don’t really care too much about how good they are in the game, lol. I really liked their Kombi-Shootas, but wasn’t really sold on the Kombi part. So I cut the missiles off. That left the model with a very hefty looking shoota. Good. It’s very Orky. I filed down the neck so they could look off to their left (in the general direction they’d be shooting. It kinda helps, and even an Ork wants to be able to see the effects of all his dakka!). Honestly, with the changes I’ve been making to the Ork Boyz, the Nobz don’t actually look that big anymore. They’re definitely thicker, but not taller.


True Scale Deathwatch Marines and orks conversions

Space Ork Boyz and Nobz with Shootas

The other two figures on the left are from the Battlewagon crew. I set their heads slightly lower than I did the first set of Ork figures. Some people had given me feedback that with the heads higher that the models look almost too human. I think some of that is a trick of the camera. Balanced on the table, the camera lens is actually sitting below the model’s head which gives a slight low angle. But I affixed the heads on the model just a hair lower to see what effect that would have. I didn’t make too many other adjustments to the models as they had slightly more upright stances than the regular Ork boyz models. I fashioned an axe handle out of one of the boss poles, but that’s about it.

The last thing I have on the bench is a Killa Kan. These are fun little models, but I’m struggling to come up with any meaningful way to covert them. Originally I had wanted to give it a free-standing Torso that could rotate, turning the Killa Kan into a little grot-piloted Battlemech. But the way the model is set up has the body attached directly to the legs. So if I’m going to do that, the process is going to be pretty involved, and the model will end up sitting significantly taller (which isn’t a bad thing, but it’s a Grottlemech, I don’t want it to be too tall). I’ll have to figure out something, because it’s looking painfully… normal.

Spacec Ork Killa Kan next to Space Ork Boyz with Big Shootas

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2 thoughts on “Ork Nobz and Stormboyz Conversions

  1. Very clever idea, using the storm boys bodies in order to get running poses. The regular ork figs are hopelessly static and very difficult to model interest into because of the “set elements” of the legs, body and head in relation to one another. Most people tent to covert around the edges of this core. Nice to see you taking the problem on directly. My best conversion work has come by replacing some of these main elements with 3-rd party bits and pieces as it does change the figure’s dynamic considerably.

    Not sure what to tell you about the kans… they’re pretty much set the way they are cast.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I like a lot of the third party bits out there, but the price tags are pretty high, and the monetary investment behind the Ork project has been set fairly low (less than $2 a model). I have a hard enough time stopping myself from buying models I don’t need (see my collection of Zoats and plastic Squats) on Ebay. Buying expensive pretty-parts for models I don’t need is not a habit I want to get into, lol.

      With the Kans I think I’m going to try to clip and rotate the arm forward to be extended, to get a better positioning for the gun.


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