Converting a Space Marine Land Speeder

For a while I had been discussing the fact that I had several Land Speeders to do, and how that would affect the scale project. So I set out to see how that could be accomplished. Turned out easier than I thought.

Though I must say I hate the Landspeeder kit. Maybe mine are just so old that they’ve warped to time or poor storage, but the chassis parts of this kit fits together ridiculous poorly. A lot of cleanup will be needed on this model just from having to re-glue portions of it. That said, it turned out pretty decent.

True Scale Space Marine pilots in a Space Marine Land Speeder

I mounted the missile pods low so they wouldn’t interfere as much with the heavy bolter, nor risk striking it when the missiles fired. I’ll probably move the stabilizer wings up slightly.

Of course, you’re asking… are the crew members tall/true scale too? Of course they are, lol.

True Scale Space Marine Legs from Space Marine Land Speeder

What purpose does this serve? None. Just for completeness I guess.

“But you can hardly even see the legs!” Yeah.

The gunner is not permanently attached, so that he can be rotated along the guide-rail for the mount. You can see the interior details here, including the sidearms for the crew, and the spare box of ammunition for the heavy bolter.

True Scale Space Marine Land Speeder Crew Compartment

Front on shot. You can see the pilots sit a little above the roof-line, but not too much. Both pilots have supplementary targeter heads to interface better with their heavy weapons.

Tall / True Scale Space Marine pilots in a Land Speeder


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