Eldar Corsairs

The origin of my Eldar is somewhat mixed. When the Dark Eldar first appeared with 3rd Edition, we had a friend buy the first Battleforce boxed set. Mixed with the two or three rule boxed sets we had, that made for a fairly impressive Dark Eldar retinue.  That nobody every decided to put together. Most of them disappeared in the sands of time, but I had a small block of them left over. The problem? They’re pretty ugly, so I’d resolved to use them as base decorations where I could theoretically obscure their shortcomings with mud and blood.

Then I had some fun conversion ideas, and I picked up a small lot of Eldar Guardians and bits and some Dark Eldar on EBay. The conversion ideas never happened either. It seems that Space Elves just weren’t to be.


Then I thought to myself, well, I need some Eldar for my skirmish armies, and I have a fair number of them sitting around between Deldar and Eldar.  Why not combine them to be a small Corsair army? Nice, fluffy, and brutal. Plus another nod back to Rogue Trader.

dark eldar and guardian corsair conversions 1

Obviously I needed to convert, not just kitbash. Otherwise they have no place on this blog. Fortunately, my dissatisfaction with the core kit parts made this easy. I shortened up the Dark Eldar splinter rifles. Then I tweaked the shuriken catapult arms so they could get better poses out of them. Mostly just had to clip the firing hand off and then move it. Added some blades from the old school Dark Eldar sprues to pirate them up a bit. I rounded out the helmets too, because I never liked the super tall conehead look that much, and I wanted them to not just look like bog standard Guardian or Kabalite helmets.

dark eldar and guardian corsair conversions 2

Then I thought, well, it would be kinda lazy to just mix and match parts, and I wanted this band of corsairs to look like they were intermixed Dark and (light?) Eldar. I really like the Scourges heads (and the Reaver jetbike heads, but those are harder to get on the cheap), but headswaps aren’t really converting either. So I thought, what if I swap parts of the legs around? This was a little easier said than done in some cases, but it gave them far less of a uniform look, which would be important to the aesthetic. So the ones who are regular Eldar (and thus still concerned about their souls) will have spirit stones. The Dark Eldar pirates will not. Otherwise, I will probably mix and match the weapons without too much regard for what’s “legal”.

Case in point, I took the splinter cannon from the 3rd edition kit, one of the few parts of that kit that looks okay, and put it on a Guardian body, with a Kabalite head (which apparently needs to be rounded out a bit now that I look at it.

dark eldar and guardian corsair splinter cannon shuriken cannon conversion

Not entirely sold on the blade bits from the 3rd edition kit. I may get rid of those.

dark eldar and guardian corsair conversions compared to tall True Scale Space Marine with bolter
With one of my third generation True Scale Space Marines


At any rate, this will be just the start. I plan to paint them up as Void Dragons, since I like the way that scheme looks, and their fluff from The Doom of Mymeara painted them as dangerous and unpredictable, as well as a bit of loose cannons under their haughty pirate princess, who should be fun to model up eventually.

Questions? Comments? Leave one below!

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