Welcome to the trenches

++Thought for the Day: For those who seek perfection – there can be no rest this side of the grave++

True Scale Space Marines next to Steel Legion Imperial Guardsman and Adeptus Adminstratum scribe

Many of you will be familiar with my work on Dakkadakka.com and The Bolter and Chainsword (among other places), but I felt it was time to branch this out to its own beast. A few years back I returned (sorta) to the Warhammer 40K universe after a long time away. What was I doing? Eh, a lot of things. Some of which was being in the Marine Corps, hence the name I go by in the 40K Community; a combination of the classic Space Marine rank, and the fact that I am a Marine Corps veteran and was a Sergeant when I was in. Clever? Maybe.

Anyway, this has been something of a creative outlet for me. I’d actually been a fairly industrious converter back in the old days, which was a lot more work with metal models, I can tell you. There’s not a chance I’d have done anything close to what I can do now with the old pewter figures. I’d always been bothered by how the Space Marine models were “too small” compared to the Imperial Guard and other figures. But it had never occured to me that there was anything that could be done with it.

Then, out of curiosity, and I can’t even remember exactly what sparked the interest, I was browsing around the Internet and stumbled across some blogs demonstrating what are known as True Scale Space Marines. I saw some techniques for converting I felt I could duplicate, and potentially even improve on, and set to work. I’ll outline the work I’ve done on the Space Marines obviously, but I’m also planning to share my other projects, branching out into the Imperial Guard*, Space Orks, Tyranids, Genestealer Cult, Squats, Tau and whatever else strikes my fancy. I own models from just about every faction in 40K at this point, including Chaos and even Sisters of Battle.

True Scale Space Marine next to 28mm Battle Sister, Space Marine Scout and classic Imperial Guard Stormtrooper

True Scale Space Marines prototype models next to classic metal Cadian Shock Trooper and Hasslefree McKenzie.
My First generation True Scale Space Marine models were a little shorter,

What to expect?

Well, obviously a lot of conversions. Whereas the project logs are a good chronological record, I intend for this site to be a more coherent vision. There will be articles explaining and showcasing the different models and poses and weapons. There will also be the narrative battle reports under the “Veteran Sergeant Plays…” tag line. The first of these was DARK VERNGERNCE, a humorous take on the campaign missions from the Dark Vengeance starter boxed set. There will also be some fluff and examinations of the Warhammer 40K Universe and its mythos.

I’ll also try to keep an accounting on What’s On My Workbench?

Skip to the good parts?
Genestealer Cult
Rogue Trader Squats!
Eldar Corsairs
Ork Conversions

Space Marine Conversions


converted ork boy and Tau Fire Warrior models next to True Scale Space Marine for scale
2nd Generation True Scale Space Marine next to one of my taller “Upright” Ork conversions and a Tau Fire Warrior
True Scale Space Marines Invectors Chapter Steel Legion Imperial Guard Inquisitorial Henchman Chapter Serf
True Scale Space Marine with paint-in-progress as a member of the Invectors Space Marine Chapter

So here we go. One guy’s lunatic journey into cutting tiny plastic soldiers into even tinier parts,¬†following the philosophy of my project log: Leave No Model Unconverted


Oh, and I play X-Wing too, with modified magnetized ships of course. You can follow the adventures of Brown Squadron as my group plays the cooperative campaign, Heroes of the Aturi Cluster

X-Wing Miniatures Magnetized A-Wing Y-Wing TIE Interceptor TIE Avenger Shapeways
Some of my ship collection. The one on the right is a TIE Avenger from the original X-Wing PC games by Mel’s Miniatures on Shapeways. I’d buy an official one if Fantasy Flight would actually make one. We usually run it if the mission draws Elite Interceptors, Advanced, or Defenders since I like it.

facebookIconSpace Marine looking at Facebook



*Games Workshop may have renamed the Imperial Guard as Astra Militarum, but I’ll take a pass on the rebranding.

5 thoughts on “Welcome to the trenches

    1. Awesome, Phil. If you want, feel free to share pictures of them on one of my blogs, and I’ll share it on Facebook as well.

      One of the things I like about doing this blog is that it shows that you don’t have to be a master modeler to make great figures. You just have to have patience and some creativity.


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