More Genestealer Cultists and Eldar Corsairs Conversions

So the modeling bug has definitely bitten with the return of Deathwatch Overkill. I had some free time yesterday and it ballooned into me finishing the mockups for the Generation 3 and 4 Genestealer Cult Hybrids conversions. A few of these are more or less off-the-sprue, since I plan to eventually have around 40 of them, but even in those cases, the head pegs were cut off so that the heads could be swapped and arranged individually. The pictures below have the identical base bodies next to one another so you can see the variation achieved even with a fairly static model.  Several of these will need some gap filling and light sculpting, so don’t consider this a “beginner” project. I love these models (it may be in part my love for the Genestealer Cult in general), but they aren’t easy to work with.

Deathwatch Overkill Genestealer Cult Hybrids conversions with autoguns generation 3 and 4 pic 1  Deathwatch Overkill Genestealer Cult Hybrids conversions with autoguns generation 3 and 4 pic 2

I basically did the first 10 by using the model “as is” and modifying the parts, and then did the final 6 by cutting all the remaining bodies and arms off the sprue and using them piecemeal. In a couple places, I utilized some extra Gen 1 & 2 Hybrid pieces. Having a nice bits bit always makes these projects easier. If and when I get another set of these guys, I may dig deeper into the bits bin.

Intermixed, as inspiration struck me, I banged out a few extra Eldar Corsairs, using bits-bin parts, including a couple Rogue Trader era Eldar lasguns which will count as lasblasters, and an old Rogue Trader Eldar melta gun. These guys, like the Genestealer Cultists, need finishing work, I’m pleased with the way they are coming along.

Eldar Corsairs conversions Guardian Kabalite Warrior splinter rifles lasblasters shuriken catapults shard carbine

A little closer up detail on the lunging Dark Eldar. I wanted to really try to convey the appearance of motion, with his entire body pivoting to put his entire weight behind the flail attack. Seems like a ridiculously dangerous weapon to use, but hey, they’re Dark Eldar.

lunging converted Dark Eldar Kabalite Warrior Eldar Corsair with spinter rifle conversion and flail side angle

I really want my Corsairs to look like a mixed bag of Eldar on the Path of the Outcast/Renegade. Some of them will be dedicated Dark Eldar pirates, but others will be disaffected or bored Eldar, with a mixture of ones who are falling further down the path of the Outcast than others, perhaps never to return to the Craftworlds.

I also whipped up some more Tau Fire Warriors, but they’re not very exciting. I don’t like that kit too much, but my Fire Warrior platoon needs to be filled out.


On the horizon, though…


converted necron warrior deathmark head warhammer 40K conversion

“We live on a placid island of ignorance in the midst of black seas of infinity, and it was not meant that we should voyage far.” – H.P. Lovecraft

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