40K Skaven Conversions

A buddy of mine is a real big Skaven fan. He loves Mordheim. Never really gotten into Necromunda.  And then I realized why not. There aren’t any Skaven in Necromunda.

I’d always thought the idea of 40K Skaven was interesting. I’m not one of those people that thinks everything from the old Warhammer Fantasy Battles (before it was murdered by Age of Sigmar) needs to be in the 40K universe, but at the same time, it’s a big galaxy. There can be Space Skaven. So, I set to work making a “gang” of Space Skaven for Necromunda.

The best base model for this I think are the old Stormvermin. They have some armor plating, and the heads have helmets which can be smoothed out with a file to look a little less medieval.

40K Skaven Conversions

I wanted some variety in the weapons. Snagged most of the weapons from the Imperial Guard kits, as well as the Dark Vengeance Chaos Cultists.  However, I also snagged a Kroot Rifle, figuring it makes a decent scavenged stand-in for something else.


I put together eight of them as a start. Enough to begin a gang. Made sure they had a Juve and a Heavy, as well as a leader. I will probably whip up another one with a flamer.

Warhammer 40K Skaven Stormvermin Conversions

Most of the other basic Skaven models are a little too medieval. Plague Monks could get a good “cultist” feel to them. Clanrats, however, are way too monopose for any real dynamism in the posing, and the Nightrunners would be difficult to make like anything other than medieval rats with guns. But are there other alternatives?


Enter: Blood Bowl!

Blood Bowl 40K Skaven Conversions

They’ve got somewhat excessively long tails, but they’re quite dynamic. “Tactical” poses will be a little difficult with them, but “heroic” ones definitely one. These three were made with the bodies from the Skaven Linemen, and 3rd Edition Dark Eldar and Imperial Guard weapons. The shoulderpads are a little too large for my taste, but this is 40K. It’s not like Giant Pauldrons aren’t a staple of the universe, so they definitely don’t look out of place.

Going to work on some more of these, and give them a bit more 40K flavor (I’d like a bionic eye/targeter or two for sure). But I figured I would share them with you guys.


So what do you think of these Necromunda Skaven?  Or 40K Skaven, if you were so ambitious as to try to make an entire army of them.



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6 thoughts on “40K Skaven Conversions

  1. Glorious convention! I am now thinking on doing my own gang of these ratties.

    Have you used the cultist hands, or these are the Stormvermins’ original hands? I am thinking on doing my gang with hands and weapons from GSC neophytes, hope that’s gonna work.

    Thank you a lot for all the inspiration 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wherever possible, I used Skaven hands. There’s one with the sling wrapped over it that is an original Catachan hand, but Catachan proportions are so bad it isn’t really noticeable. They needed some green-stuffed fingers on the Skaven hands for the triggers. The 3rd Gen hybrid hands might work since they’re a little oversized, but they might be noticeable. Can always just call them mutated from toxic Underhive waste.

      Glad you liked them. I had fun making them.


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