About The Veteran Sergeant

My first game of 40K was played as Squats. When Squats still had rules. I still have a soft spot for those little buggers. One day they’ll make an appearance on this blog when I can bring myself to cut apart the plastic ones I have.

Yes, I was a United States Marine. Yes, I call myself a former Marine. “There’s no such thing as a former Marine” you say? Well, that’s all well and good for some people, but I did ten years, and now I’m out, and I’ll call myself whatever I want.

Rock Star & McDonald's. Marine Corps breakfast of champions.
Rock Star & McDonald’s. Marine Corps breakfast of champions. Not Pictured: Beef Jerky.

While I was in, I did a couple stints attached to infantry units, coordinating air support missions like air strikes, casevacs, etc. But mostly I was a weapons instructor, teaching small arms, shooting, and tactics on both coasts and overseas.


Not a bad gig. I loved the Marine Corps right up until I didn’t anymore, and then I got out.

What do I do now? Now I work in marketing for a fairly large retail company with several national and international brands. In my spare time I’m a travel and entertainment writer for a couple mens entertainment sites, and I hike, surf, run, paddleboard, and read. I run roleplaying games from time to time. Occasionally I cut small plastic soldiers into smaller parts and then reassemble them. And thus this blog.


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