Heroes of the Aturi Cluster – Mission: Capture Imperial Officer

Episode V – Capture Imperial Officer

The survivors of Brown Squadron regrouped following the nearly disastrous mission to disable the sensor field, but there had been little time to rest and refit. Brown 6 would require a significant stay in the bacta tanks recovering from his wounds. But the fight must carry on. And it must carry on quickly. Rebel operatives had discovered plans for a senior Imperial officer to tour the local garrison. If Brown Squadron could strike quickly and disable his shuttle, it would prove invaluable to their plans. But the timing would have to be almost exact, because Imperial patrols were heavy.

Flight Roster, Mission: Capture Imperial Officer

  • X- Wing Brown 4 – Lieutenant Hesh (will see you, in Hell) – Veteran Imperial pilot turned Rebel.
  • X- Wing Brown 5 – “Koiogran” Crassus – Daredevil young pilot known for his affinity for Koiogran turns.
  • Y-Wing Brown 7 – Unnamed Pilot – Ion Cannon Turret
  • Y-Wing Brown 8 – Unnamed Pilot – Twin Laser Turret
  • Y-Wing Brown 11 – Unnamed Pilot – Ion Cannon Turret


Taking every available pilot, Brown Squadron scrambled to their fighters, and launched. Concealing themselves among the asteroids, their trap was sprung. Catching the Lambda shuttle between two elements from Brown Squadron, the plan was to draw off the TIE Fighters and attempt to slow down the shuttle by frying its electronics with ion cannons. Firing up their engines and accelerating to attack speed, Brown Squadron raced in behind the shuttle’s formation with its escort fighters. Drawing off two of the fighters, Brown 4 and Brown 5 split up, and Little Crassus swooped in behind the confused TIE Fighter pilots. While Brown 11 and Brown 7 concentrated on disabling the shuttle, Brown 4 saw his opportunity and came in hard and fast on the shuttle’s exposed flank. Brown 8, swooping out of the angle of the Lambda Shuttle’s forward guns, angled his turret and picked off the first of the escort Fighters after Brown 5 damaged it.
Y-Wing destroys TIE Fighter with Twin Laser Turret Heroes of the Aturi Cluster.
But the trap had not gone completely unnoticed. One of the feared TIE Avengers screamed in behind Brown Squadron, coming to the rescue of the stricken shuttle. The shuttle had attempted to peel off and escape, but was disabled temporarily by the ion beams of the Y-Wings. Staring into the face of the arriving Imperial Ace, Little Crassus, swung around and kicked in his thrusters, narrowly avoiding significant damage from the newly arrived Avenger. Behind the controls of Brown 4, Lieutenant Hesh was able to deal significant damage to the shuttle as it turned to flee. The Y-Wings, having done their job, turned to engage a pack of newly arrived TIE Fighters.
TIE Avenger banks in on X-Wing Miniatures Game Heroes of the Aturi Cluster
The TIE Avenger drops in on Brown 5
The combined ion and laser blasts disabled the shuttle, as Brown 4 finished the job, and called in the Rebel capture crew. Turning hard, Brown 5 managed to shake the Avenger. But this led the Imperial straight onto Brown 8 and the rest of the now-vulnerable Y-Wings who had flown into its path. Laser fire from the Avenger raked Brown 8, however, its pilot was just too aggressive, and combined turret fire from Brown 8 and and Brown 11 sundered the Imperial Ace.
TIE Avenger and TIE Fighters Y-Wing Heroes of the Aturi Cluster X-Wing Miniatures Game
The Avenger is destroyed by Brown 11
TIE Fighters chasing Y-Wing Heroes of the Aturi Cluster
Brown 8 weaves and dodges, trying to escape the mess of TIE Fighters
But the furball had taken its toll, and badly damaged in the scrum, Brown 8 tried to boost out of the path of the two flights of TIE Fighters now chasing him. Chasing the shuttle and avoiding the Avenger, Brown 4 and 5 had ended up far from the battle, and now raced to rescue their beleaguered comrades. Lasers slashed through space, and Brown 8 took a direct hit as his shields came down. Brown 11’s sheields flashed with impacts, but she was not daunted by the tangle of TIE Fighters all around her, and bravely plunged ahead, destroying one with her lasers.
Magnetized Y-Wing destroys TIE Fighter Heroes of the Aturi Cluster
Brown 7, having shaken his pursuer, put one of the TIE Fighters on the fritz with his ion turret, giving Brown 8 a few extra precious seconds. Tearing full speed ahead, Lieutenant Hesh and Little Crassus pushed into the TIE Fighters. Scoring a direct hit, Brown 4 picked off the disabled TIE as it was recovering and lining up Brown 8 in its sights.
Magnetized X-Wings destroy TIE Fighter Heroes of the Aturi Cluster
Brown 4 picks off one of the TIE FIghters chasing Brown 8 as Brown 5 swoops in

The Imperial forces had been nearly routed, and time was of the essence. Brown 4 and 5 split up, trying to finish off the last of the TIE Fighters chasing the Y-Wings. Ion fire from Brown 7 finished off one of the TIE Fighters, disabling it as it floated off into open space. As Brown 8 pushed out of the kill zone, Brown 4’s precision fire cut down the last of the TIE Fighters chasing him.

Magnetized X-Wing destroys TIE Fighter Heroes of the Aturi Cluster
Brown 4 destroys the final TIE Fighter on Brown 8’s tail

Warning alerts kicked off in their cockpits as a new flight of TIE Fighters arrived, doing a flyby on the disabled shuttle to reassure its passengers that Imperial help was on the way.

more ties approach
Brown 8, still heavily damaged and having just escaped the previous flight of fighters, found himself once again on a direct trajectory with the newly arrived Imperial reinforcements. Brown 4 rushed to overtake him, but lost speed trying to maneuver around him. Meanwhile, Brown 5 had swung around to meet the new threat as well, with a TIE Fighter hot on his tail. Daringly looping in behind it, Brown 7 finished it off, freeing up Brown 5 to rush after the newly arrive flight of TIE Fighters.
Y-Wing destroys banking TIE FIghter Heroes of the Aturi Cluster X-Wing Miniatures Game
Diving around Brown 8 and the oncoming TIE Fighters, Lieutenant Hesh pushed Brown 4 into an expertly timed Koiogran turn as Brown 5 looped in behind him, and the X-Wings destroyed two of the fighters. But Brown 8 was severely damaged, and his shields failed again.
X-Wing destroying TIE Fighters Y0Wing fleeing Miniatures Game Heroes of the Aturi Cluster
Brown 4 swings in to save Brown 8 again
X-Wings destroy TIE FIghters Lambda Shuttle Heroes of the Aturi Cluster
Brown 5 strikes, destroying a second TIE Fighter.


The Rebel capture team had almost arrived, along with Rebel reinforcements, but a flight of TIE Interceptors had arrived, and the bloodthirsty Imperials were closing on Brown 8. As Brown 8 boosted to flee from the Interceptors, Brown 5 turned off to assist him.
“He’s on me tight, I can’t shake him!”
Brown 11 tried to help Brown 8, but she couldn’t gain an attack angle on the fighter on his tail as the Imperial pilot looped in behind his prey, and their two ships nearly collided.
“I can’t see him!”
Things were looking desperate for Brown 8, as the TIE Fighter was too close to engage with his turret.
Despite the tangle of fighters, Brown 4 nosed in past Brown 8, and clipped the last TIE Fighter, sending its remnants tumbling off into deep space.
X-Wing and Y-Wings Heroes of the Aturi Cluster
Brown 4 finishes off the last TIE Fighter.
“Thanks Hesh.”
“Good shooting Hesh.”
With the other Y-Wings out of position to help Brown 7, it was up to the X-Wings to deal with the Interceptors. Flipping over into his signature move, hoping to end up behind the formation as it chased the Y-Wing, Brown 5 was taken by surprise as the Interceptors cranked hard into his path. Crassus found himself staring into the cannons of the three Imperial killers. Reacting quickly to his vulnerable wingman, Brown 4 kicked in his upgraded engines and boosted into the Interceptors. Brown 4 split the formation, drawing crucial fire off of Brown 5. At point blank range, Brown 5’s shields failed. With a shriek, Brown 5’s trusty astromech unit exploded as it sustained a hit from the lead Interceptor’s cannons, but the Rebel reinforcements had arrived, and the Imperials quickly turned and fled.
It had been a decisive win for the Rebels, the ion cannons of Brown 7 and 11 providing crucial extra time for the Rebels to disable the shuttle and preventing its escape. The imperial commander had been captured, a situation that was sure to bring rewards once he could be interrogated. The failure of his pilots to protect the shuttle was sure to infuriate Grand Moff Jeffjefflow.

Meanwhile, the pilots of Brown Squadron were able to return to base and celebrate a victory without any losses. Two of their ships had been severely damaged, but they had all managed to return to base safely. The return to base also brought more pleasant news. Brown Squadron had been supplied with a large amount of ordnance, and the Y-Wings would now be taking to their missions with proton bombs and torpedoes.


The Veteran Sergeant’s After Action Report

This is a mission that a lot of players consider to be one of the more difficult ones in the game.  It’s a “Part 1 mission”, in that it’s the first mission in its arc, so it often gets played by lower level players. We certainly struggled a bit with it. Several ships were badly damaged at the end. Brown 5 and 8 each only had a single hull point left.  I think one of the things that helped us out was having two Y-Wings with Ion Cannons (rather than the Twin Laser Turrets that dominate the meta for obvious reasons). Slowing down the Lambda shuttle (which takes 2 ion hits to affect) really allowed the Rebels to work it over. The Elite TIE Advanced (represented by my TIE Avenger model because I like it more) continued to be lackluster. Expose just isn’t a very good ability for the AI, as it makes it only slightly more dangerous, but easier to kill with all the 3 attack weapons the Rebels have. The TIE Interceptors provided a brief scare at the end, but they show up too late to do anything other than scare the heck out whichever pilot happens to be closest to them.


Star Wars, Episode 6: Heroes of the Aturi Cluster – Capture Refueling Station