Heroes of the Aturi Cluster – Mission: Nobody’s Home

Episode VII – Nobody’s Home
Returning home, the tired and battered members of Brown Squadron met the newest member of the squadron, the rookie Brown 12, his gunner, and their worn but serviceable Y-Wing. They would not have to wait long to see action. Rebel commanders had planned a cunning trap, and sent the instructions for it along with the newly arrived pilot, safely stored in his R2 unit. Having leaked false reports that the Imperials could recover their missing officer from a disabled transport, Brown Squadron would hide among the debris fields, drifting among the shattered remnants of a previous battle, and spring out on the Imperial recovery force. If things went well, the Imperials would be taken by surprise, and Brown Squadron would be able to take out a well-trained Imperial storm trooper boarding platoon and its commanders, as well as cripple yet another Imperial squadron.
Check out BlueMilkSpecial.com's Star Wars parody comics. They're pretty hilarious.
Check out BlueMilkSpecial.com‘s Star Wars parody comics. They’re pretty hilarious.
 Brown Squadron Flight Roster – Mission: Nobody’s Home.
  • X- Wing Brown 4 – Lieutenant Hesh (will see you, in Hell) – The Veteran Sergeant – Veteran Imperial pilot turned Rebel.
  • X- Wing Brown 5 – “Koiogran” Crassus – Daredevil young pilot known for his affinity for Koiogran turns.
  • Y-Wing Brown 8 – Unnamed Pilot – Twin Laser Turret, 2 Proton Bombs
  • Y-Wing Brown 12 – Unnamed Pilot – Twin Laser Turret
Empty, and floating in space, the bait craft lay dormant, its rescue beacon pinging. As expected, the Imperials had mobilized nearly a full squadron to escort their Lambda recovery shuttle, including a pair of Interceptors and an early-model TIE Advanced. It was an imposing sight, but the members of Brown Squadron steeled their nerves as their fighters drifted with just minimal power for life support. They were going to have to wait until the last minute in order to emerge and take the Imperials by surprise, but they also needed to catch them before they figured out that the disabled transport was a decoy and the captured officer was not to be found here.


The TIE Fighters maintained a tight group alongside the Lambda shuttle, while the pair of Interceptors stalked carefully, waiting for a sign of Rebel reinforcements.


But they didn’t see the danger right under their noses. Floating closest to the Imperials, Brown 4 powered up his drives and emerged right behind the Interceptors, catching one of them almost right away. His wingman flipped around, trying to get an attack angle on the Rebel scum, but Brown 12 lurched out behind him, catching him by surprise as well.

Y-WIng TIE Interceptor debris Field X-Wing Miniatures Game Heroes of the Aturi Cluster

It was a short chase for Brown 4, and the TIE Interceptor came apart under his fire.


Magnet X-Wing repaint droid heroes of the aturi cluster

The second Interceptor, startled by being suddenly outflanked, took off, accelerating to its maximum speed.  Lieutenant Hesh called out to the rookie over the squadron channel, advising him to break off his pursuit for now.
“Let him go. Stay on the leaders.”
Hurrying to their objective, the Imperials had bunched up, and Brown 8 sprung a trap of his own. Discharging a powerful proton bomb, he accelerated out of the debris field he had been hiding in. The resulting blast wreaked havoc on the tightly packed Imperials. The results were catastrophic, with direct hits on multiple TIEs. Brown 4 swooped in and finished one off, while Brown 8’s gunner took out a second of the heavily damaged TIEs.


Magnet Y-Wing droid repaint X-Wing Miniatures Game Heroes of the Aturi Clustermagnet X-wing TIE Fighters and asteroids miniatures Heroes of the Aturi Cluster


It was like blasting womp rats back home. Brown 5 emerged from his own debris field, chasing down and destroying a TIE Fighter, while Brown 4 caught another of the damaged and disoriented TIE Fighters in his sights.


Rebel Transport X-Wing Heroes of the Aturi Cluster strikesMagnet X-Wing repaint droid TIE Fighters Heroes of the Aturi Cluster
Half of the Imperial squadron had been destroyed, and the Lambda shuttle was fleeing fast. But the Rebels had little chance to stop it before it could jump to hyperspace and escape. Recognizing the futility of trying to stop the shuttle, Brown 12’s gunner picked off a fifth TIE Fighter, scoring their first kill. The Lambda had slipped away, but the rest of the Imperial squadron was in tatters.

Y-Wings TIE Fighter Miniatures Heroes of the Aturi Cluster

While Brown 4 pursued the TIE Advanced, and the Y-Wings tried to box in the Interceptor, Brown 5 pitched over and destroyed the last TIE Fighter.
Rebel Transport X-Wing magnet miniature Heroes of the Aturi Cluster


The Interceptor would not be cowed though, and he deftly slipped a torrent of Rebel fire as he stripped shields from Brown 6. But it was all for naught. Brown 8 took out the TIE Advanced, sundering the last chance the Imperials had of any kind of retreat.


Y-WIng TIE Avenger X-Wing Miniatures Game Heroes of the Aturi Cluster

The shattered and blasted remains of the Imperial squadron pinwheeling around him, the Interceptor kicked in its thrusters and sped away. Brown Squadron’s victory was decisive, and over half an entire squadron lay destroyed around them. Only the safe escape of the Lambda shuttle had kept it from being a total victory. The victorious Rebels returned to base elated. The mission had gone even better than they had expected.


The Veteran Sergeant’s After Action Report:

Brown 8’s proton bomb hit 5 ships. We’ve never seen that many before. The AI had all piled in, and he had just been fortunate to be right in the right position at setup (amusing because we actually moved him from his original spot in order to give Brown 12 a larger margin of error on his first game), hanging out in a centrally located debris field. Three TIEs took Critical Hits that did 2 damage, which wiped out 8 Hull Points out of a total of 15 among the 5 ships. Brown 8 then got a fortunate set of rolls, taking out one with his turret, and my X-Wing was right there to clean up another one, and a third on the next turn, while Brown5 would get a 4th. 4 of the 6 TIE Fighters disappeared in 2 turns, leaving just 2 Fighters, the Advanced, and the Shuttle as mission objectives. The Interceptor was flying middle fingers to the void though, and his Stealth Device got a lot of mileage, taking no damage until the last turn of the game. Everything else the Imperials had got torn to pieces though. Neither my ship nor Brown 12’s even took any damage as far as I remember, and neither Brown 5 nor Brown 8 lost anything more than a couple shields. Brown 5 and I had played this on Vassal and only narrowly won. This time around, the only Imperial ship that escaped was the shuttle. A result that probably wouldn’t have happened if either of the Y-Wings had torpedoes.


The Interceptor Brown 12 was chasing in the second mission had a maddeningly good day with the defense dice, often rolling 4 or 5 dice with tokens since it had Stealth Device. At a certain point we just stopped shooting at it, so people could actually get experience points. In the second to last round, Brown 5, 8 and 12 all shot at the Interceptor, from Range 1 with bonus dice or with the twin laser turrets, and managed to do 1 damage, total. Interceptor Elites also continue to be shop-wreckers. We’ve seen 4 of them so far, and killed only 1, while they have shot down 3 of our craft, and forced Brown 8 to retreat off the board in one mission. TIE Advanceds, on the other hand, continue to underwhelm.