Heroes of the Aturi Cluster – Mission: Rescue Rebel Operatives

Fresh off their recent success in the Aturi Cluster, a reconstituted Brown Squadron was quick to return to action. The minefields had been cleared, paving the way for more free action in the sector, and along with commerce, the Rebels had been able to step up their intel gathering. Pilots from Brown Squadron had been escorting spy spacecraft to and from their rendezvous points in order to ensure that they weren’t tailed by Imperial craft who might discover Brown Squadron’s secret base.
Unfortunately, this time the spies had been caught, and TIE Fighters were in dogged pursuit.

Flight Roster, Mission: Rescue Rebel Operatives

  • X- Wing Brown 4 – Lieutenant Hesh (will see you, in Hell) – Veteran Imperial pilot turned Rebel.
  • X- Wing Brown 5 – “Koiogran” Crassus – Daredevil young pilot known for his affinity for Koiogran turns.
  • X-Wing Brown 6 – Kuzon Panik
  • Y-Wing Brown 7 – Unnamed Rookie Pilot – Ion Cannon Turret
  • Y-Wing Brown 8 – Unnamed Pilot – Twin Laser Turret
Already damaged, the modified HWK craft was desperately fleeing from half an Imperial fighter squadron, with more ships on the way. Brown Squadron would have to act quickly. Racing towards one group of fighters, Lieutenant Hesh in Brown 4 clipped the lead fighter, and his wingman Brown 7 finished it off.
Y-Wing X-Wing Miniatures Game
Brown 7 scores the kill
The remaining two fighters had closed the distance on the HWK, and the Rebel operatives were in great peril.
The second group of TIEs, zeroed in on the HWK were caught by the second flight, led by Little Crassus, now running as Brown 5. The three Rebels banked into the TIE formation’s left flank, and quickly finished off the first TIE in a barrage of cannon fire.
Brown 8 destroys a TIE Fighter with his lasers
Brown 8 destroys a TIE Fighter
As the TIE formation broke up, Brown 5 finished off a second fighter.
Rebel Transport X-Wing and TIE Fighters Heroes of the Aturi Cluster
Brown 5 finishes off another TIE Fighter
With local space filling up with fighter craft, it became a tight and desperate battle to allow the HWK to break through. Brown 4 swung around behind the formation he and Brown 7 had engaged, taking out the second TIE Fighter.
Brown 4 swings in and destroys a TIE Fighter
Brown 4 swings in and destroys a TIE Fighter
But, by now a new TIE Interceptor had entered the fray, and it was clear that the Rebels had met another bloodthirsty veteran pilot. Brown 6 and Lieutenant Hesh swung around to engage this new threat, taking out the final fighter in the first flight of TIE Fighters as they did so.
Brown 4 destroys his second TIE Fighter
Brown 4 destroys his second TIE Fighter
The trap had been broken. and the HWK was able to slip through the Imperial net, but the fight was not yet over, especially with the TIE Interceptor cutting through their ranks. Narrowly dodging the Interceptor’s reckless pass, Brown 4 picked off yet another TIE Fighter.
magnet TIE Interceptor and X-Wing Miniatures game Heroes of the Aturi Cluster
Brown 4 slips the TIE Interceptor and destroys another TIE Fighter
Imperial reinforcements had caught up, adding yet another flight of TIE Fighters to the mix, but by now the tide had turned. Caught in a net of Rebel firepower, the TIE Interceptor was destroyed by Brown 8, who captured his first Interceptor kill.
Brown 8 destroys a TIE FIghter
Brown 8 destroys the TIE Interceptor
Brown 7 scored his second kill as he swooped past a tangled group of TIE Fighters.
Y-Wing and TIE FIghters Heroes of the Aturi Cluster Magnets
Brown 7 gets his second kill

Their ace destroyed, the remaining Imperial craft accelerated out of the fray and fled. Brown Squadron had completed yet another successful mission.

The pilots of Brown Squadron were cutting their teeth, and several of them had become real predators behind the flight controls.

But the action in the Clairemonturi Cluster was just beginning. The successes of Brown Squadron had drawn an escalated reaction from the Imperial Navy, and things were about to get a whole lot tougher.


The Veteran Sergeant’s After Action Report:

This mission was a near-wipe for the Imperials. The Imperial forces would have likely been tabled if it wasn’t for the turn limit hitting. Some groups have difficulty with this mission, but I’ve never thought it was that hard (I’ve played it 3 or 4 times now and never lost). The HWK makes a beeline for the opposite side (using its red 4 straight in the first turn to throw off the AI maneuvering) and the Rebels try to block and disrupt the TIE Fighter formations. This strategy seems to work well. The hardest part of the mission is the Interceptor, but it attacks the players, not the HWK (unless the HWK happens to be its closest target).


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