Heroes of the Aturi Cluster – Mission: Tread Softly

In response to the escalating and more brazen attacks, the Imperials had begun mining a popular trade route, attempting to deter Rebel patrols from engaging Imperial supply craft, and limiting the passage of Rebel transports. The mines would have to be destroyed if Rebel activity could continue. An element from Brown Squadron was dispatched to clear the first of these minefields.

Flight Roster, Mission: Tread Softly

  • Y-Wing Brown 2 – Barry Porkins – Twin Laser Turret
  • X- Wing Brown 4 – Lieutenant Hesh (will see you, in Hell)
  • X- Wing Brown 5 – “Koiogran” Crassus
  • Y-Wing Brown 8 – Unnamed Pilot – Twin Laser Turret
  • Y-Wing Brown 11 – Unnamed Pilot – Ion Cannon Turret
With two minelayer TIE Bombers spotted, a flight from Brown Squadron move to destroy them. However, their flight signatures were spotted by a nearby TIE Fighter patrol, which moves to intercept them. But the Rebels would get there first. However, in the first pass, Brown 4’s shields were stripped bare by the combined firepower of the TIE Bombers. Vulnerable and stuck in a poor position to engage, Lieutenant Hesh pushed through the Bomber formation and plunged ahead into the minefield. While Brown 4 swept forward, determined to clear the minefield, the Y-Wings decelerated to engage the Bombers.  The TIE Fighters were slow to engage for some reason, allowing Brown to finish off the lead TIE Bomber.
Y-Wings destroy TIE Bomber X-Wing Miniatures Game Heroes of the Aturi Cluster
Late to the fray, “Koiogran” Crassus, flying his X-Wing under the callsign Brown 7, arrived to try to aid the Y-Wings. However, the Imperials had their own reinforcements, as an experienced Imperial ace, piloting the rare but deadly TIE Advanced, had entered the battlefield. Catching the Rebels by surprise, the TIE Advanced sliced up Brown 8 with laser fire in a vicious head-on pass which stripped the Y-Wing of its shields. Brown 4 was determined to take out the TIE Advanced, knowing how rare of a prize it was. Leaving Brown 11 to continue sweeping the minefield, he turned his X-Wing to face the new threat.


His twin laser turret spitting laser fire, Brown 2 was able to destroy the second TIE Bomber, ending the minelayer threat.
Brown 2 picks off a TIE Bomber
Brown 2 picks off a TIE Bomber
Brown 2 didn’t have much time to celebrate, however. He called for help across the squadron channel as the combatants all seemed to converge in one place at the same time. Laser blasts criss-crossed the battlespace. Brown 2 couldn’t evade all of the Imperial craft swarming the area, and TIE Fighters overtook his slower Y-Wing, forcing him to eject.

“There’s too many of them! I’m hit!”

TIE Fighter destroys Y-Wing X-Wing Miniatures Game


The TIE Advanced had continued to zero in on Brown 8, and it was clear that this Imperial Ace was as bloodthirsty as they come. The Advanced had been equipped with an advanced targeting computer, and the Imperial pilot’s fire continued to savage the Y-Wing.

“Blast it Hesh! Where are you?”

Brown 8 tried to remain calm as Brown 4 continued his pursuit of the TIE Advanced, but it was maddening trying to get free of the tangle of TIE Fighters. While he tried to shake the TIE Advanced, Brown 8’s turret gunner took out one of the pursuing TIE Fighters which had fallen in on the Imperial Ace’s wing. Brown 4 quickly struck down the other, clearing the way.


The TIE Advanced closes in for the kill, but his wingmates are finished
The TIE Advanced closes in for the kill, but his wingmates are finished
Brown 4 speeds through the debris clouds to the rescue.
Brown 4 speeds through the debris clouds to the rescue.


Brown 8’s calm and collected piloting would serve him well. Keeping the Imperial craft in too close to properly maneuver for a shot, Brown 8 allowed Brown 4 to catch up to them and finally get a clean shot on the Advanced. The Imperial pilot had gotten too fixated on destroying the Y-Wing, and his aggressive flying style would be his undoing as he exposed himself to Brown 4’s lasers for just a little too long. The elite Imperial pilot was killed in the fiery destruction of his TIE Advanced, and its elimination bolstered the spirits of the Brown Squadron pilots.

X-Wing destroys TIE Advanced Heroes of the Aturi Cluster
Brown 4 finishes off the TIE Advanced.
Brown 11 had been doing her job, and the minefield was nearly cleared.  Brown 4 and Brown 8 swung back to finish two nearby mine clusters.


Unfortunately, “Koiogran” Crassus was every bit as aggressive as his callsign suggested, and while he’d cleverly slipped in behind a flight of TIE Fighter reinforcements, he was caught by the combined laser fire of two other TIE’s. His shields failing, Brown 5’s X-Wing was disabled and spiraled off into the void.
Brown 5 is overwhelmed and hist fighter destroyed.
Brown 5 is overwhelmed and hist fighter destroyed.

However, the Rebels had won. The minefield was no more, and a dangerous Imperial ace had been killed. With nothing left to defend, and their ace destroyed, the remaining TIE Fighters retreated. Brown Squadron would not pursue, and set about to seeing if they could find Porkins and Crassus floating in the debris.

Brown Squadron’s first two missions in the Clairemonturi Cluster had been successful, even if their losses had been heavy. The Rebel maintenance crews were once again set to task upgrading and repairing fighters.

The Veteran Sergeant’s After Action Report:

The Rebels in this scenario have to destroy all of the minefield tokens, and get bonus XP for preventing the TIE Bombers from laying new ones. The mines won’t detonate on Imperial ships (it would be impossible for the AI to maneuver if they had to dodge them anyway), and the Rebels have to destroy all of the mines to win. Brown 5’s pilot showed up late due to a family obligation, so we let him charge in late. I actually let Brown 2 die. Felt kind of bad about it. We play a mini game of “Collect all the Pokemons” (a game that all of us are too old to have ever played, but the “Gotta catch ’em all” is culturally prevalent enough and some of us have younger siblings) where the challenge is to get at least one kill of every ship type during the course of the campaign. Brown 2’s pilot and I have an amusing and good-natured antagonism when we play games. When he told me to shoot at the TIE Fighter, I thought he was trying to stop me from killing the TIE Advanced (a relatively rare ship in Aturi and thus a difficult “Pokemon” to collect). Turns out, he was actually about to die and I didn’t realize it. He wasn’t upset. He’s actually happy that he gets to hold his unfortunate death over my character’s head.

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