Necron Warrior Conversions

“Perhaps I should not hope to convey in mere words the unutterable hideousness that can dwell in absolute silence and barren immensity.” – H.P. Lovecraft

Converted Necron Warrior with gauss flayer conversion advancing


The Genestealer Cult project was on hold temporarily while I waited to get my hands on the Aberrants, Primus and Magus models, so…

I’d had some fun ideas for Necrons for a while, but no interest in the army because, honestly, I find the Newcrons uninteresting. Giving them too much personality made them boring to me. I don’t want to be in their heads. I don’t want them to have humanlike ambitions. It’s like all those crappy Predator novels. Don’t put me in their heads. That takes away the mystery, the alien-ness.

Now, dark, Lovecraftian, menacing, alien Oldcrons? Those guys were awesome. The Necrons were a faction that were better the less we knew about them. They’re old, their motives are unclear, but they’re definitely cranky after waking up.

I had a small collection of the original metal ones, but I wanted to go a new direction with my Oldcrons. First up, eyes. My Oldcrons are two things. First, they are old and alien. And second, they’re in robot bodies, so there is no need for binocular vision. So I decided, to make my Oldcrons more ominous and alien (less human-like), they would have the Deathmark heads with their single eye lens. Not only are the Deathmark heads awesome, they really capture the inhuman look I want for these guys.

The second thing I wanted to do was the same thing I’ve done with many of my other armies, which is make their weaponry less heroic scaled. Not ever having been a huge fan of the green rods (why does the gun focus and contain the beam, only to focus and contain it a second time?), they were going to be the first thing to go. Which meant clipping the rods from the gauss blasters (which will get converted later) and then cutting them in half. The end of the barrel was then affixed. The result?

Converted Necron Warriors with gauss flayer conversions and Deathmark heads 1

The random hoses may come off. I’ll have to see if I like them that way or not. But the overall effect from the original, with it’s bizarre vestigial ax head bayonet, to the new, shorter version is a huge improvement, at least to me.

necron warrior gauss flayer conversion comparison

The heads and necks are kind of a pain in the ass. Apparently they didn’t want them to look left or right. So I filed/shaved off the collars, and I’ll have to build up their neck stumps.

As always, here they are next to one of my True Scale Space Marines.


As always, let me know what you think of them in the comments.


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2 thoughts on “Necron Warrior Conversions

  1. Just found this when grabbing some pictures of my Necrons from my blog, absolutely love how it has panned out for you.

    I will be looking to do something very similar, and its inspired by you so thank you for sharing this.

    My thoughts around the Gauss Weapons for the warriors was to take out the green rods (they are practically the only model to have these in most modern Necron armies now), and then replace it with a small wire, ideally bent and jagged like the energy is being generated by the bulk of the gun, but then focussed out of the other end.

    I can totally see me using something like this approach though if the other one turns out to be too much of a pain though!

    Thanks for sharing, and glad I found your blog!


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